Hopkins Groundwater Consultants, Inc.

March 19th, 2013

Hopkins Groundwater Consultants, Inc. (Hopkins) is a professional hydrogeological consulting company based in Ventura, California. The firm specializes in studies specifically related to the management, protection, and development of groundwater resources. Hopkins offers a wide range of hydrogeological services to meet the diverse water supply needs of municipal water purveyors. The company is a strong team with Hydrogeologist and Engineering Geologist qualifications who have local and statewide experience in well construction and groundwater supply planning projects.

Water resource management and development requires a team of technical experts to define the natural resources and design projects that can adequately address the needs of water purveyors and the concerns of environmental interests and consumers. Hopkins’ hydrogeologists offer a focused service that effectively contributes to a comprehensive approach to water resource management. Hopkins has a strong successful history of teaming with Civil Engineering and Environmental firms to offer clients a most highly qualified professional project team.

The experience of Hopkins’ staff in California groundwater resources is extensive and dates back to 1980. Hopkins provides broad expertise that was gained through conducting projects that include; hydrogeological and geophysical exploration, groundwater basin management studies, saline groundwater feasibility studies for desalination projects, injection and ASR well feasibility studies, water well design and construction, and well field development. Hopkins provides groundwater-modeling capabilities for use in evaluating groundwater recharge, storage, and extraction. Hopkins’ project experience in groundwater management includes conjunctive use plans involving the integration of surface water and groundwater supplies in an environmentally responsible manner.