Juror Spotlight: Efren Rodriguez, Shorts.TV

November 10th, 2016

shortshd_revised_logo_claim_black_and_white_220910“Short films are where it’s at!” said Efren Rodriguez, Office Manager and Acquisitions Executive at Shorts Entertainment Networks. “In today’s busy world, combined with the way people now get their media, people enjoy watching their entertainment in short bites when they choose, through broadcast tv or on their electronic device of their choice. “

For over a decade, ShortsHD, which is also known as ShortsTV overseas, has been broadcasting high quality short movies, two minutes to forty minutes in length, in such genres as live action, animation and documentary, to audiences in the United States, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Currently the network, which first launched on DirecTV (Channel 573), is now also seen on AT&T U-Verse (Channel 1789), US Sonet (Channel 292), CenturyLink (Channel 1789), Frontier Communications (Channel 1789), and Google Fiber (Channel 603), which totals a combined audience over 47 million homes, and growing.

“At any given time, we have an audience of approximately 4 million people tuning into our programming,” said Rodriguez. “That’s tremendous exposure for young filmmakers.”

Efren Rodriguez, Shorts.TV

Efren Rodriguez, Shorts.TV

ShortsHD acquires films in a variety of genres: comedy, animation, celebrity shorts, documentaries, etc. Once a film is viewed and deemed appropriate for acquisition, the network works in two ways to showcase a film. The first, where the film is licensed to be broadcast over the ShortsHD distribution channels for a three-year period. The second avenue of working together is a 50-50% distribution arrangement to exclusively distribute the film in such platforms as iTunes, Amazon, Verizon, and other media outlets.

“We’re constantly looking for new product,” added Rodriguez. “We change our programming on a monthly basis. A number of series get repeated, and we tend to rotate the films to run several times a month. When you take into consideration that our subscriber base in the U.S. is 47 million, and that at any given time 4 million people are tuning in to our network, that’s a lot of great exposure.”

Rodriquez, who came to ShortsHD, with an extensive background in production and post-production and having worked as a development on the popular television series, “American Family,” gets great pleasure out of working with new and emerging filmmakers.

“One of our goals is to be the channel that gives the future generation of filmmakers their start, and we’re already fulfilling that mission,” said Rodriguez. “In fact, many of the artist’s we’ve worked with have now gone on to major film projects. Dir: Cary Joji Fukunaga (Beast of NO Nation), Dir: Gerardo Naranjo (Netflix: NARCOS, and AMC: Fear the Walking Dead)

Screening Oscar® Nominated Short Films

Each year, just before the Academy Awards Oscar® broadcast, ShortsHD hosts the theatrical release of the OSCAR® Nominated Short Films, distributing the films to theatres across North American and Europe working with the company’s global media partners.

“In 2006, a few of our executives noticed that while the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences had an Oscar® category for short films, the films did not have a platform for public consumption. Out of that discovery, a partnership arouse where now, each year, ShortsHD, acquires the rights to distribute the nominated shorts for a theatrical release. Films are run in theaters nationwide just after the nominees are announced, and for several months following the national telecast.”

In addition to acquiring short films, ShortsHD is constantly on the look out for networking associations to grow their brand. Future goals center on coordinating partnerships with other countries as well as other media outlets to broadcast and distribute their short films.
“’Short films are the perfect medium to convey a compelling message or story,” said Rodriguez. “That’s precisely why ‘Water: Take 1’ is a fantastic festival — it exposes audiences to the issues facing our water resources today in a way that audiences can immediately digest it and impact change.”


For more information on ShortsHD, and for filmmakers interested in submitting their films, visit the ShortsHD website at Shorts.tv