Partner Profile: The Ventura Chamber of Commerce’s Green Task Force – Champions for Green

January 9th, 2015
Left to Right: Diane de Mailly, Green Task Force Chair and President of DDM Metering Systems and Courtney Lindberg, City of Ventura Environmental Specialist and Green Task Force Liaison

Left to Right: Diane de Mailly, Green Task Force Chair and President of DDM Metering Systems and Courtney Lindberg, City of Ventura Environmental Specialist and Green Task Force Liaison

“The Green Task Force’s primary mission is to empower the local business community to think and to work in sustainable and eco-conscious ways through Chamber-led projects and educational events,” said Diane de Mailly, Green Task Force Chair and President of DDM Metering Systems.

In 2011, recognizing the importance of having local businesses champion community environmental sustainability initiatives, the Ventura Chamber of Commerce began to recruit like-minded Chamber members. Diane de Mailly was one such member, and her enthusiasm and dedication to the green cause made her stand out. The Chamber Board appointed de Mailly as Chair of the Chamber’s newly founded Green Task Force.

Soon after de Mailly’s appointment in 2011, new city employee, Environmental Specialist Courtney Lindberg, joined the Task Force as liaison for the City of Ventura. As kindred spirits in the green movement, de Mailly and Lindberg worked together to develop the Task Force’s mission statement and launch a series of educational initiatives and projects in the areas of waste diversion, water efficiency, energy conservation, transportation, green tips for sustainable businesses, and public education and awareness.

The City’s Green Certification program became a focus of the Task Force’s efforts to help Ventura’s business community graduate to more sustainable practices. “The Green Task Force is thrilled to work with local businesses,” said Lindberg, “and we’re very proud that there has been such an outpouring of community interest and support of our programs.”

Both de Mailly and Lindberg credit the favorable interest in the Green Task Force’s initiatives to ‘organically’ growing the network by providing education, information, and support to local businesses as well as hosting fun and informative networking events.

Task Force Green Events

Best Practices Workshop Series: B-to-B Green Sharing

A sampling of Best Practices Workshop events include the “Best Practices Workshop Series” where a local business invites other businesses to their workplace to share and demonstrate their green practices. At the end of these sessions, a Q&A session serves as an ideal setting for businesses to learn, network, and share valuable information. Workshops have been held at Red Brick Pizza, the YMCA, and Ohana Pet Hospital.

Green Drinks Business Networking Events

“Green Drinks” gatherings, which are recognized internationally as a way to bring together environmentally minded professionals in a setting where they can relax, have fun, network, and share information and ideas, are also well-attended Green Task Force events. “At our Green Drinks events, local business owners get to connect with other businesses and community friends in a casual atmosphere,” said Lindberg. “We share information, talk about the latest green news, network, and meet new friends,” added de Mailly. So far the task force has held Green Drinks events at EcoLogic Life, The Refill Shoppe, San Buenaventura State Beach, Connect Ventura, and Four Brix Winery.

Green Education

In 2012 and 2013 the Green Task Force produced Green Jobs Expos held at City Hall (2012) and Ventura College (2013). These Expos were made possible through a partnership with California State Assemblymember Das Williams, Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, the City of Ventura, the Ventura Chamber of Commerce, and the Ventura County Community College District. Most recently, on October 25, 2014, the Green Task Force worked with Das Williams, Ventura Water, and the City of Ventura’s Environmental Sustainability Division to produce the Summit on Water Conservation. At the event, held at Ventura City Hall, educators, innovators, businesses, and government officials took part in panel discussions, demonstrations, and exhibits addressing water issues, related concerns, and topics relevant to future sustainability.

“Green Task Force meetings are held at the Ventura Chamber offices at City Hall at 3:30pm on the third Thursday of every month,” said de Mailly. “We invite new businesses, and our old friends alike, to join us at these meetings to share information as well as become involved with our green initiatives,” said Lindberg.

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